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Becoming a Legends member is more than just paying for a membership; its joining a community. 

Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the fundamentals or an experienced player aiming to refine your technique, Legends provides resources for its members to improve their skills in all parts of the game, such as drill bats for hitting off tee and flips, med balls for both pitchers and hitters, weight balls for pitchers, and more.

hank aaron swinging

 As a Legends member, you gain exclusive access to the LEGENDS WEEKLY SCHEDULE, allowing you to plan your training sessions in advance and secure tunnel times tailored to your schedule. This flexibility ensures that you can maximize your time at the facility and make consistent progress towards your goals. Plus: signing up online gets you access to the google sheet immediately!

babe ruth

Baseball and softball players looking to elevate their game should strongly consider signing up for a membership at Legends Baseball and Softball Academy. With adequate facilities and expert coaching staff, Legends offers the ideal environment for players to hone their skills.

sandy koufax

By becoming a member, you join a community of dedicated athletes committed to pushing their limits and achieving success on the field.  Sign up for a membership today and embark on a journey towards growth


1 Month  -  $110

3 Month  -  $250

6 Month  -  $400

12 Month  -  $700

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