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Video Analysis Instruction

Legends is now offering our new Video Analysis product where we provide you with a 5 minute video analyzing your pitching and hitting and provide feedback on what you can do to improve!

Here's how it works:

1. Take a video of you pitching or hitting (whichever one you want feedback on)

2. Send it in to us via email at

3. In the body of the email provide your venmo username so we can request payment along with additional insight you would like to share

4. Give us a week to analyze your video where we send it back to via email

What will the video we send back to you provide?

  • Feedback on what you do well and what you can improve upon

  • Drills that can help you improve your pitching/hitting

  • Further conversation on improving your game!

Price: $30

Feel free to reach out with further questions on how this works via email at

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