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Legends Platinum Membership

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A new membership we're offering, Legends is teaming up with Niks Performance to provide players the resources to work on their entire game from the batting cages to the weight room.

The gym connected to Legends and ran by ex-WNBA player Nikki Rouillard, Niks Performance has all the equipment needed to help athletes get stronger, faster and more explosive. Nikki has a vast knowledge of fitness, and caters to the individual player based on their specific age and position. Working and learning under baseball strength guru Eric Cressey, Nikki will
redefine your athleticism and translate it to success on the field.

Targeted towards middle and high schoolers who are serious about baseball and want to advance their game in all facets - this is the perfect package for the player who wants to play at the next level.

Here's how it works


  • Legends Weekly Schedule google sheet
  • Profile in Hittrax to track progress
  • Free half hour lesson once every month
  • Free Video Analysis

Niks Weight Room

  • Full access to the gym and workout programs ran by Nikki which focus on:
    • explosive movements
    • building strength
    • flexibility
    • longevity

Similar to a regular Legends membership, the number of times you want to come in a month is unlimited! And you're not required to lift and hit both days.. It's completely up to you! We just want to provide you the ability to either hit, lift or both. The freedom and growth potential is an opportunity you don't want to pass up!

Pricing: $100 / month

A deal you won't find anywhere else in Colorado for high quality instruction in both baseball and weight lifting

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