2020 Training Programs

All Programs will be led by Mike Lutz.  Mike has 15 years of experience in youth sports and is dedicated to developing young athletes.  There is the expection that players come ready to work.

Legends is dedicated to helping ATHLETES.  We will again bring our training programs for the youth of Denver.  The programs will focus on working with athletes to develop their athletic skills.

 All Classes full in January

Arm Strength, Core Strength and Throwing

 Mondays - Full

Baseball/Athletic Training - Core training, Arm Strengthing, Agility and Athleticism.  Pitching Skills.   


 Wednesdays - Full

Baseball Skills - Core Strength, Hitting, Fielding 

We will focus on developing Athletes.  45 minutes of strength/agility workouts, Core strength, Arm Strength, 45 Minutes of baseball skills.  Dedicated players ready to work only please.

Tuesdays - Full

Baseball/Athletic Training - Core training, Arm Strength, Agility and Athleticism.  Hitting and Fielding.  Let's be Athletes!

Thursdays - Full