2021 Training Programs

All February/March programs are full and have started.  Check back in March for future instruction.

Legends Agility, Strength, Skills and Hitting 2021

Do you want to?

Get Stronger?  Be more Agile?  Have better balance and Footwork?  Throw Harder?  Be a better Baseball Player?

This program will help you do all those things.


Each session will include:

  1. Ladder work and hurdles to develop footwork and agility

  2. Active/Dynamic workouts, including hamstring activation, stretching and lunges

  3. Medicine ball wall series – strength and conditioning

  4. Arm Care – Arm Circles

  5. Throwing techniques to throw the ball correctly in all facets of game

  6. Fielding/Footwork for all positions

  7. Hitting - Hit the ball harder and more consistently

February Clinics closed.  Check back in March for future classes.

Tuesdays Full

Thursdays Full

$80 per player

4 hours of training.  Legends goal is to help make better athletes and better ball players.