Baseball Stadium

Our Facility

1338 South Valentia St. # 175 Denver, CO 80247

Our Facility just off Parker Road on the edge of Southeast Denver and Aurora includes 7 tunnels, 3 pitching machines, a HitTrax simulator, a dirt mound, and enough space for 60 feet, 6 inches where players can practive live at bats at the correct dimensions. Take a look for yourself down below!

Nets are able to be pulled back and forth, giving you the ability to have more space and do more things to help your players increase their skills


Our HitTrax simulator allows players to see the analytics behind their throwing and hitting, informing you of your velocity, ball angle off the bat, and distance


Take the game inside by practicing live One-on-One at bats with your friends and teammates with our cage that provides enough space for 60 feet, 6 inches of big boy baseball! 

Also, underneath the white tarp in this photo is a dirt mound, so feel free to bring your spikes and toe the rubber just like how you would in a real game.