Do you want to?

Get Stronger?  Be more Agile?  Have better balance and Footwork?  Throw Harder?  Protect your arm while getting stronger/better?  Pitch STRIKES?  Play the game better.

This program will help you do all those things.


Each session will include:

  1. Ladder work and hurdles to develop footwork and agility

  2. Active/Dynamic workouts, including hamstring activation, stretching and lunges

  3. Medicine ball wall series – strength and conditioning

  4. Arm Care 

  5. Throwing techniques to throw the ball correctly in all facets of game

  6. Pitching techniques and throwing techniques for more accuracy and speed

  7. Core strength, balance, confidence

  8. Fielding and throwing workouts

Our goal for pitchers is to Throw Hard STRIKES.  Our goal for all players it to get more agile, stronger and be better athletes.

5 Sessions – 7.5 hours of training - $120 total 

Space is limited to 15 players per session.  This is a new, unique experience for our region, incorporating national programs that will help transform baseball players.


All November and December clinics have started.  Check back in December for 2022 opportunities.

Legends Academy
1338 South Valentia St. #175 Denver 80247